The massification of photography implies new devices where the frontiers between the public and the privet are redefined. The digital omnipresence has enabled new image uses and new perceptions about the limits of the body, in a society where the media-extension of the body has become an inedited area for desires and demands.
If identity is constructed according to the spaces through which it circulates, the friction between biography and subjectivity deserves to be rethought from the regime of values that regulate the symbolic markets. Through archive poetics, Extimidad proposes a map about the derivations of the subject in itís own representation, about the new strategies of visibility that has found in the intimacy of a privileged type of show.

One thousand five hundred self- portraits extracted from internet.
Edition of 3. 155x240 cm. 2013

Almost famous girls
Diffused web videos
Edition of 3. 35x35 cm. 2013

Twenty two football players
webcam screenshots.
Edition of 3. 35x35 cm. 2013

Interaction typologies. Volume I "Men"
Artist book. 30x30x04 cm. 118 p·g. 2013
Edition of 3.

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