Implosion explores the generation of a syntax. Definition is as quality-criteria invested with absolute value in the history of the photographic dispositive. This series problematizes this fact adding the error, the interference or the noise, as a protagonist procedure. The break of a spectatorial habit (the one that demands transparency to photography) is the departure point. The declination of the sharpness is the support for a gesture: it speaks a dislocated language, and an imperative: argue the assumptions of the medium. Pictures of the demolition for a language, that proposes to break and to rearticulate itself in the shape of a question. Implosion has also an aesthetic program: it proposes a figure in the disruption repertory, that also pretends to have a face of nature among the beauty of itís time; it recompose the saturated information, to specify a new motif: the strength of a pixel.

Digitally manipulated photographs.
Inkjet print. Edition of 3. 100x100 cm. 2011