El hechizo roto

The photographic book has been a central object in the cultural history of the last hundred years. Until now, approaches to this device have homologated it to the modern category of work, insisting on seeking a photographic specificity and attributing its product to an author. Through a situated perspective, this collection of essays seeks to install new thresholds of reflexivity on the photography book. Far from a celebratory gaze, the texts gathered here aim to think about the powers that have operated in these objects, the particularities that they assume in Latin America and Spain, the policies that have been and will be implemented, and the powers that we are given to expect from them. In this way, El hechizo roto articulates a new scenario for discussion, where the photography book is approached in a broad sense as a social, cultural and political device.

Introducción | Francisco Medail
Esto no es un fotolibro | Ángeles Donoso Macaya
Contra el fotolibro | Agustina Triquell
1 + 1 + 1 = infinito | Martín Bollati
Fotolibro en crisis | Julian Barón
Performance con fotos y fotolibros performativos | Melina Costantakos
El libro fotográfico como imagen de totalidad | Juan Cruz Pedroni
El (foto)libro como dispositivo–red | Mariela Sancari
Curso y discurso | Gonzalo Golpe

El hechizo roto.
Francisco Medail (ed).
Ediciones ArtexArte. 2023