Imagen Impresa

Since the possibility of mechanical printing, the relationship between photography and books has only grown. If, towards the end of the 19th century, albums played a decisive role in the circulation of this type of image, the advance of the printing press allowed photography to expand to previously unthinkable places. The power of this combination gave rise to different editorial practices that strengthened the multiple character of photography. Whether as political publicity, artistic expression, tourist promotion or a tool for scientific dissemination, photography books have been a constituent element of the material culture of the last hundred years.
Imagen Impresa proposes a journey through different approaches to these objects. Based on three conceptual axes - state problems, representations of territory and art in books - this exhibition brings together a series of publications that highlight the different uses that the photography book has had in our country. Without entering into taxing definitions or establishing a canon of titles or names, Imagen Impresa seeks to point out the privileged role played by the book format in the circulation and expansion of the photographic medium.

ArtexArte Foundation
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Agosto - octubre 2023