La mesa ostentará siempre un centro de flores

A landscape is shaped by the coexistence of dissimilar elements. Even food can be thought of as a landscape where the encounter of the different takes place. In this case, we should ask ourselves what are the elements that make up our food landscape: how do we visualise what we eat? What is our food made of? A landscape is also an extension in space and time. If we are talking about food, this extension begins at the moment of food production, goes through the stages of distribution and preparation and finally arrives at the moment of consumption. But it does not end there. The food landscape also includes a moment of elimination: everything that happens with waste, with packaging and the world of activities that begins with collection.
Thinking about food as a landscape therefore implies entering a heterogeneous and complex territory through which we often move automatically. What place do we give to food in our everyday lives? Are we really aware of what we eat? What relational forms do we establish with the world we inhabit and which we use to exist?

Exhibition based on photographs from the General Archive of the Nation (Argentina). Guest artists: Raúl Flores, Gabriel Baggio, Fabiana Barreda, Matías Sarlo, Mariela Paz Izurrieta.
Centro Cultural Kirchner, 2021.