Prácticas modernas

There are groups that allow us to look at key moments in the history of photography, a history woven with artists and specialists, magazines, institutions, social events and exhibitions. This is the case of the group La Carpeta de los Diez (1953-1959), a fundamental chapter in the development of modern photography in Argentina and the region during the second post-war period.
Through a meticulous reconstruction of the period, this book traces the articulation of the group, the purposes for which it was formed, and the ways of working and exhibiting that its members deployed. In its chapters, the author analyses the forms that subjective and humanist photography took in the country, the social articulation with photoclubs and associations and the desire to create a group with a differentiated functioning. A mode of intervention in the history of images, with modernity as a banner and the collective as a strategy.

Julieta Pestarino
Prácticas Modernas.
Fotografía y grupalidad en la Carpeta de los Diez.