Viajeros a la sombra de Darwin

As the dynamics of colonial expansion led European powers to appropriate new territories during the nineteenth century, an intense production of images began to unfold as a political strategy converging with the same objectives. This book explores how the incorporation of Patagonia into the Argentine Republic was carried out from the relationship between photographs and travel narratives.
Inés Yujnovsky's study, which focuses on the photographic image as a key piece in the conquest processes, reveals the importance of photography in the production and distribution of meanings that allowed the territorial definition in the South of the continent. Through the analysis of the travelers, their documentation strategies, the ways of displaying bodies and the relationship with spaces and times, Viajeros a la sombra de Darwin allows for a better understanding of the political place of the image in the territorial history of Patagonia.

Inés Yujnovsky
Viajeros a la sombra de Darwin
Ediciones ArtexArte. 2021